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Orthodox Jewish weddings versus Conservative and Reform

An orthodox Jewish wedding is a ceremony between a competent male and female Jew, who are allowed to be married according to the Jewish Law (halachah). Before the ceremony can … Read More

How to Keep Kosher on a Trip

  “Keeping kosher” means eating in accordance with the Biblical and Rabbinical laws. This includes refraining from eating animals which do not chew the cud and have completely cloven hooves, … Read More

How to Select a Kosher Caterer

In today’s information age, one can find a wealth of information at one’s fingertips on one’s cellphone or laptop. Sometimes, too much information is confusing and making a choice becomes … Read More

Bar or Bat Mitzvah- Has the Significance Given Way to Party Time?

A Jewish boy is considered to be a man at the age of thirteen and is from this age onwards responsible for himself in keeping to the Jewish Law. Bar … Read More

Cooking with Wine

It might seem like the kind of cooking only the ultra fancy chefs on cooking based reality TV shows get up to, but cooking with wine is a great way … Read More

Cooking With Pomegranates

The pomegranate is one of the oldest known fruit with high nutritional content. Pomegranates are well known for their health benefits, they can lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular use … Read More

Cooking with Apricots

The Apricot or Prunus armeniaca is considered by many to be native to Armenia despite it being used by a lot of different cultures in a lot of other countries. … Read More

About Kosher Wine

Kosher wine is produced under Jewish dietary laws and guidelines. Read more about the process for making kosher wine and how non-Jews may do this.

Kosher Vegetarian Tofu

I was surfing the internet and came across an interesting recipe in It was posted by Hindy Garfinkel on June 30, 2012. I followed the instructions and the results … Read More

Mimouna-A Sephardic Jewis Tradition

The Moroccan Jewish community celebrates the end of Passover with the traditional festival of Mimouna. It is a festival marking the transition from matzo to bread. The start of spring … Read More

The Post-Pesach Binge

You have been good for eight days during Passover. It is now time to binge. Every family has their own tradition for celebrating the end of Passover, the first taste … Read More

Haroset, Sephardic Style Date – pareve versus Haroset, Ashkenazic – pareve

Haroset, Sephardic Style Date – pareve This type of haroset is used by many different groups of Sephardim — North Africans, Iraqis, Iranians, and Afghans, among others. It is always … Read More

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