Kosher Catering Toronto Advice on Hiring a DJ for your Simcha

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Tips For Hiring Your DJ

The right DJ can make all the difference between a wedding where the guests are tearing up the dance floor, or where they are standing at the corner and giving each other awkward glances that say ‘Who’s idea was this?’. It does not take a genius to figure out which one of these classifies as good entertainment. Here are some tips that you can use to hire a good DJ for weddings.

Finding a DJ

Given the vast number of resources both online and otherwise, filtering out the long list of DJs to find one who is right for your wedding can be time-consuming. You could try asking around with your friends and families to see if they have any valuable recommendations. Speaking of valuable recommendations, your other wedding vendors are a good place to start with, as they are likely to know who is a good DJ from their past wedding assignments. If these channels do not do much to your wedding DJ hunt, you want to look at online reviews before you make a short list of DJs

What to ask your DJ?

Once you have shortlisted DJs, you want to meet them to see if they are up for the job. Your DJ will not just be entertaining the guests with music, but also emceeing the event, making announcements and keeping the mood lively during the wedding receptions. So you want to make sure that they have the personality to keep the crowd in good spirits and enjoy.

You also want to discuss the kind of music that you want to be played during the wedding. Does the DJ have an elaborate music collection that includes traditional wedding tracks? How organized is the music collection? How smoothly can the DJ handle requests made by the party guests? See if you can share a list of songs that you want to be played on the wedding before hand, and that the DJ sends out request lists that the wedding guest fill out to tell the kind of music they want to be played at the wedding.


Ask your DJ for video samples of their recent performances in weddings to see if their audio equipment is in good working condition. If the DJ performs regularly in corporate settings, chances are that he/she will have equipment that are in good order. Also ask the DJs if they know how to handle technical glitches or problems with the equipment, in case they do surface. Find out if they have backup equipments to fill in, if the equipment fails on the wedding day. If the DJ has a karaoke machine to go with it, even better. The wedding party guests are sure to be up for some karaoke after they are through a couple of glasses of wine and champagne, and if the DJ can make it happen, nothing quite like it!

Make sure you draw out a contract that elaborates on the date, time, charge, cancellation and others, with your wedding DJ.

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