How to Reduce Venue Costs

outside wedding receptionTips to Reducing Your Banquet Hall Food Cost

1. Bring your own bar.
2. Have a luncheon instead of a 5 course dinner reception
3. Plan to have your venue during the week.
4. If you choose a dinner menu, simplify it.
5. Make sure that your venue selection includes linen in their package.
6. Bring your own sweet table which includes cakes, pastries and fruit display.
7. Only invite close relatives and friends.
8. Do not feed the vendors at your function with an elaborate meal.
9. Make sure kids are not charged for adult meals.
10. Many banquet halls will offer deep discounts, if the hall has not been booked one month prior to your planned date. This involves a great amount of work on your part and runs the risk that you may not be able to get your planned date.  If a date is not an issue, deep discounts are available to you.
11. Make sure that there are no hidden extra charges in your contract: room rental, coat check fee, ceremoney room charge, electrical hook up, bridal room charge.

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