East Indian Kosher Food

Mitzuyan kosher catering presents an East Indian kosher food event.

The menu was as follows:

Buffet –  or can be served family style
Dal Panchrattan
Vegetable Jafrezi
Lamb Rara
Butter Chicken
Baigan Arbi
Chana Pindi
Chicken Labadar
Chana Masala
Aloo Gobi
Bhindi Do Piaza
Dal Makhni
Mushroom Labadar
Baigan Patiala
Chicken Dhaba Curry
Nan, Rice Pillaw,  2 Salads, Pickles

The guests at the event could not believe the authentic Kosher East Indian cuisine. There was an abundance of choices and many of the guests described the food as mouth watering.

For the first time, East Indian Jews are able to eat Kosher East Indian cuisine at a banquet hall and they can’t get enough of it. The authenticity of the food reminds them that they are not only of East Indian descent but Jewish also.

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