Pinterest For Weddings

Pinterest For Weddings

You use it when you need ideas to do up your hair, you use it to check out mouth-watering recipes, and you can use it to plan your wedding too. Yes, we are talking about Pinterest. Using Pinterest for weddings may sound a little bizarre to some, but think of it, isn’t it no different from keeping a scrapbook of wedding ideas? Only, it’s a digital scrapbook, and the pins helpfully lead you back to sites where you can buy that beautiful wedding dress or lovely decorations, or get more ideas for your wedding. So now that using Pinterest for weddings makes sense, let’s look at how it’s done.

 Organize your Pins: The great thing about Pinterest is that you can decide whom you share your Pins with and whom you don’t. So if you have some amazing wedding décor ideas, you want to make sure that you keep it a secret from wedding invitees so they have no clue what to expect. However, you do want to share it with your bridesmaids, mother and close friends to see if they have any suggestions or other interesting pins to share.

 Pin down the experts: If you want inspiration ideas for weddings, then there is no better way to do it than looking at what the experts have to say. Luckily for you, most experts in the wedding industry today are active on Pinterest, so it should not be difficult for you to find creative ideas on their Pinterest page.

 Share your Pins wisely: You can make separate Pinterest boards to share with the wedding photographer, designer, planner and wedding caterer. A wedding is an intimate affair, and you want what matters to you to shine through in everything from the decor, to the food and pictures. You may not be able to share all and the exact details of what you want with the vendors during your meetings, but by sharing these Pinterest boards with them it should get you a step closer to it.

 Pins for inspiration: We should tell you that you should look at Pinterest for inspiration rather than imitation, else it will lose the element that makes it special. It can get a little crazy when you get caught up pinning so many lovely wedding ideas, but make sure you use your gut while making choices. You want to look back at your wedding as an event that had touches of your style and likes, and not a mish-mash of Pins that got many hits back in the day. Also, once you have finalized on an idea stop looking at other Pins in the same section, or it is going to become a never-ending game.

 Stay realistic: Pinterest shows up a lot of amazing things, many of which are the result of styled shoots. So you want to be realistic with your expectations, as your wedding vendors may not be able to recreate what you saw on Pinterest to exact standards, especially when it is being done on such a large scale.

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