Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

Outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions require strategic planning. There are many elements to consider in order for your wedding event to be flawless.

The following are some of the issues you have to consider and the possible solutions to them:

  1. The comfort of your guests. If you are getting married in the summer you are facing the heat and the sun. How will you shelter your guests?  Things to keep in mind are: parasols, fans, canopies and of course ice cold water to keep cool and hydrated. Maybe, you should consider having your wedding ceremony at sunset when the sun is not as strong.
  2. There is always a chance of summer rains. Do you have a backup plan? Is there an opportunity to quickly flip from an outdoor ceremony to indoors? Do you have the options of getting a tent?
  3. Is the sound system sufficient? Will your guest hear the ceremony?
  4. Does your caterer have the experience to do an outdoor wedding reception?
  5. Do you need to provide additional decoration to the natural beauty of the outdoors?
  6. Flies and mosquitos are your worst enemies. Have you taken steps to combat these? Is the venue you have chosen provided you with solutions to address your concerns?
  7. Outdoors means dehydration from the heat and alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates a person. Have ice cold water on hand as well as lemonade, punches and mojitos and mint julep.
  8. If your wedding ceremony Is in the fall, consider the cold and wind. You should make plans for a tent with floors and heaters.

Weddings are never a simple thing to plan. An outdoor ceremony is even more difficult because of the unknown.

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