Kosher Catering Toronto Provides Tips for Wedding Decorations


kosher wedding decorations
Kosher wedding decorations

Not sure about how to go about with your wedding decorations? Read on to find out.

Nailing down a theme

Before you start picking out decorations for you wedding reception you need to decide on the theme that you want to go with. There are many wedding themes that you can experiment with, but make sure you keep it elegant and that it is not something too loud that would be apt for a prom. Colors are a common and easy theme to work with, or you can choose something more niche such as an organic garden theme to do up the place with bonsai plants, gardens and so on. You can even experiment with themes that are related to seasons or the location if you are having a destination wedding

What will you be decorating?

That’s the next question that you should be asking yourself while decorating wedding venues. Of course once you have finalized the theme, it should be relatively simple. All you need to do is go the wedding reception hall and visualize what decorative elements can go where, to pull off your themes. Having said that you do want to make sure you do not clutter the place with too many decorations or it may end up looking gaudy. Generally, the places that you should be looking at doing up in a wedding banquet hall include the aisle, altar, dining area, lobby and wedding gift area. Entryways and staircases are other areas that you want to do up, and the restroom if you please.

What decorations should you choose?

If you are thinking paper doves, well it’s not a bad idea really, only you see it in every other wedding.  Try looking for something unique for decorations, and let’s tell you that unique does not always have to be expensive. Of course you are going to have flowers, frills and bows, but you can try playing it different as and when you can whether it is with antique centerpieces or a ceiling covered by paper lanterns. Also, fabric is your friend when it comes to wedding decorations, whether it is a sheer fabric hung from the ceiling or champagne fabric by the walls.

As far as the dining area is concerned, you can make it pop out with little things. For instance, you could try doing away with the traditional boring cutlery and instead choose colored glassware. You will be surprised how they can add a dash of character to even a plan table runner. If you do not want flower vases going up on the dining table, you could try table lamps instead. It can especially look beautiful in outdoor wedding receptions.

Choosing statement decorative pieces is not a bad idea, but have too many of it, and it will just seem like you are trying hard. Instead of choosing many eye-catching pieces, you could try picking decorative pieces that work well together and in harmony with the wedding theme. You can have a board with the pictures of the different weddings in the family to add an interesting spin to your wedding decor.

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