Passover 2019

Passover kosher catering in TorontoPassover 2019 is fast approaching. Are you getting ready? All kosher catering in Toronto becomes obsessed with Passover kitchen preparation. It is a very labour-intensive time and our employees begin to feel the pressure, but never give up.

We at Mitzuyan Kosher Catering are busy planning and organizing our kitchen to meet the demands of our Passover orders

We participate in Passover catering because our friends and clients request the service. They look forward to our Passover kosher foods. We try to have reasonable prices. This year we have been very fortunate and have been able to offer our 2018 prices for 2109. Learn more about our Passover menus.

Passover is a holiday which can only be enjoyed with family and friends.

As Passover approaches, I begin to get nostalgic and remember family Passover dinners with people that are no longer with us. I rejoice in the present with my adorable grandchildren. Life has a way of giving and taking and you hope that your life can find the perfect balance. We all struggle with daily life to make a living, but I think that during that struggle we forget what life all is about. A smile is better than a frown. Caring is better than ambivalence. Love is better than hatred. Civility is better than antagonism.

Life is complicated and our journey has many twists and turns. There never seems to be a straight line to reach that perfect ending. We take life for granted and ignore the gift of life. Passover is the perfect time to change your course of action.

This year we have addressed the problems that kosher vegan followers face at Seder time. We are offering a variety of kosher vegan Passover foods.

Typical vegan Passover Seder meal by Rena Reich of Vegan Start Passover Cookbook
Mock chopped liver
Vegetable soup with matzo balls
Mushroom steaks
Potato kugel
Spinach salad
Chocolate torte

Jewish people living in Toronto are fortunate to have a large number of Toronto kosher caterers offering kosher foods for Passover.

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