Healthy Hanukkah Recipes

Hanukkah recipesWe celebrate Hanukkah by lighting candles each night for eight days and indulge in the unhealthiest foods, fried and oily. It’s a yearly treat and can do no harm is the excuse we all lean on. We satisfy our sweet tooth with too many foods loaded with sugar.

Is there a healthy way to celebrate Hanukkah? You use oil to light the candles for eight days. Why do you need to increase your cholesterol? The festival of lights does not have to mean eight nights of heavy deep-fried dishes.

Think baked and not fried. Consider sugar substitutes.

Consider the following healthy food options:

  1. Curry vegetable latkes by Tori Avey. She uses zucchini and carrots instead of potatoes. You can find the recipe at
  2. Baked jelly doughnuts instead of being fried in oil. The modern healthy version of making Sufganiyot for Chanukah. You can find the recipe at
  3. Broccoli latkes, the recipe can be found in The Low-fat Jewish Cookbook by Debra Wasserman published by Vegetarian Resource Group.
  4. Zucchini potato latkes with tzatziki. The recipe can be found on
  5. Baked cauliflower latkes is a great alternative to the traditional greasy potato latke. The recipe can be found at
  6. Baked sweet potato latkes are a wonderful substitute. The recipe can be found at
  7. A healthier lighter version for the traditional rugalach recipe is apricot jam cranberry rugalach. The recipe can be found at
  8. Vegetarian and vegan Chanukah recipes can be found at
  9. Why not try to make healthy doughnuts such as chocolate caramel doughnuts, raspberry with wine glass doughnuts, baked blueberry doughnuts and apple protein doughnuts? The recipe for these yummy treats can be found at

If you are going to eat sweets and fried foods during Chanukah, think moderation. Indulge but do not over indulge.

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