Chanukah Sweet Foods

kosher cateringThere is a religious significance to every Jewish holiday, but Chanukah is the most fun for young and old. Its time for presents and who doesn’t like presents. It is also an eight day holiday to celebrate the miracle of light.

When you say Chanukah, you automatically think of menorahs, dreidels and fried oily foods. Its that time of year that you indulge in not so healthy foods. There is no guilt to eating fried foods.

Our favourite part of Chanukah is the overabundance of sweets that are available. We have compiled a list of our favourite recipes for you to consider at this time of the year.

Chocolate Orange Challah by Wei and Leili of Yin and Yolk, September 26, 2016 , Transform your ordinary challah to a decadent dessert.

Sufganiyot, the traditional jelly filled donut. One of the best recipe can be found in Joy of Kosher by Jamie Geller, March 7,2011.

Macabee gingerbread men and zeppola recipes by Victoria Dwek, December 3, 2012 found in Joy of Kosher.

Tostones for Chanukah by Jenny in the Cuban reuben. A spin on plantain bananas.

Put a southern twist to your traditional rugelach recipe with Peach Pecan Rugelach by Southern Living, December 2011.

Iraqi funnel cakes also known as zengoula. Recipe by Alice Medrich, November 30, 2015,

Turkish donuts filled with cream and pistachios. These donuts are amazing. They are soaked in a sugar syrup for 6 hours. The proper Turkish name is ekmek kadayif. The recipe can be found in

Strawberry challah bread pudding is a Chanukah treat that you can not stop eating. One or two spoonful’s are never enough. The recipe can be found in Mitzy at Home , May 10, 2016.

If you do not wish to indulge in oily foods, a wonder full Chanukah treat is baked sufganiyot. Marcus Samuelson has adopted a vey healthy alternative recipe.

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