Bat Mitzvah Breakfasts

Bat mitzvah breakfastWe love to cater Bat Mitzvah breakfasts on a Thursday at Beth Radom Congregation. The atmosphere is care free and relaxed. There is no tension or stress. Beth Radom states that it is a small shull where everyone knows your name. My family now attends all high holiday services at Beth Radom.

Bat mitzvah celebrations are very special. Each one is unique and different regardless of size or type of event. It is a time when family and friends come together to show their love and support for the bat mitzvah girl. There is nothing more special than paying tribute to your child for all the demanding work that they have endured for this special day has this to say about a bat mitzvah “You’re probably most familiar with the term “Bat Mitzvah” when it’s used to refer to the celebration, but it actually refers to you, the Bat Mitzvah girl. Although in the secular world you are not yet even a teenager, according to Jewish law, a girl is considered an adult from the age of twelve. On your twelfth birthday, you officially become a “Bat Mitzvah,” a “daughter of the mitzvahs,” one who is obligated in mitzvah observance. All the mitzvahs you’ve done until now were just preparation; this is the real deal.”

It is the beginning of a young girl’s journey into Jewish adulthood.

Our traditional breakfast menu consists of the following:
Variety of artisan bread, homemade bagels, croissants.
Assorted Danishes
Platter of sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.
Smoked salmon platter with garnish.
Pareve cream cheese.
Egg salad and tuna salad
Challah French Toast with maple syrup and sugar cinnamon.
Platter of slice seasonal fruit
Assorted biscotti and rugalach
Tea, coffee, juices.

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